Finding your smile through health.


Finding your smile through health.

Health is something that seems to be a frequently used buzzword on people's mind, but not necessarily something that people take action on.  Personally, I have specifically put healthy eating on the back burner these past couple of years using "life" as my excuse for not making it an actual priority. Of course I tried to eat “healthy” by not adding creamers to my coffee or buying baked potato chips! Which brings me to today and my body truly is feeling the effects of it.

One thing I have recognized to be most significant is that what I eat is garbage and I have lost all discipline and willpower! Please, feel free to judge me! I'm the worst model of willpower. I love treats - the more cookies and doughnuts the better in my life. However, they never leave me feeling full and only wanting more and more.  A few of my friends have done Whole 30 this past year and when they explained it to me I thought it was complete tomfoolery. Essentially, it is meal planning around protein, vegetables, and fruit for an entire 30 days. No dairy? No gluten? No alcohol? No sweets? No way, Jose! 

Then, two weeks ago, I found myself reading the book "It All Starts with Food" by  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (founders of Whole 30).  Literally, I couldn't put the book down as it talks about how so much of the food we eat is inflammatory to our bodies and those snacks we eat in one sitting are made with ingredients to help us not put that bag or box down.

It explains our bodies hormonal response and triggers when eating different types of foods. The biggest thing that it help me recognize it that I truly have lost all discipline and became a gluttonous American when it comes to thinking I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. So, now I'm being served a piece of humble pie (and obviously eating it!!), and I've decided to try doing Whole 30 beginning June 2. It's going to be pretty hard for me and I've already had friends along the way say there is no way I can do this, but, hey! You never know until you try! If you let the fear of failure stop you from starting at all then your life will never change.

Stay tuned for updates as embark on this journey and share my experiences along the way.